Graphic Design & Marketing for business to business and business to consumer services are very similar for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Your prospect customer wants to know, “Are they being serviced by professionals?”

Newson Advertising & Publishing Inc specializes in creating collaterally designed marketing material for businesses seeking to promote their organizational content while providing lead generation services and follow-up campaigns. 

We have indeed identified how well professional graphic designing needs to blend in with marketing in order to ensure that businesses convey and attract potential audiences, and therefore we work with our clients focusing on a common objective; reaching out to effectively expand their consumer community. Recognition and awareness are two of the most important aspects of a business in our perspective, and we thoroughly believe that both non-profits and for-profits should work towards continuously developing these vital features. But we have also identified that while companies do work towards improving their marketing material, it is impossible to expect the best possible outcomes when the burden of effective marketing is shouldered upon themselves, especially for businesses with wide platforms. 

“How would I know I’m doing marketing right?”

Stop for a moment and analyze the question properly. Start by determining whether you can relate to any of these major red flags, then you might as well start thinking about the effectiveness of your marketing.

▪ My sales are mostly driven by price.
▪ Customers often cannot distinguish my products or services from those of my competitors
▪ I believe that I use disconnected sales techniques and I’m in definite need of new methods.
▪ At times, I frequently feel that I do not have a unified plan for imparting to my customers.
▪ Most sales leads come from my sales staff.
▪ Longtime customers often surprise me with “I didn’t know you offered that”.
▪ I do not have a customer or prospect database.
▪ I have not invested in a website and I have absolutely no social media presence.
▪ I do not involve in permission marketing, sometimes called lead generation. 

Now, you may honestly ask yourself; Am I one of these marketers? Am I truly guilty of generating at least one of these signals? 

You may be, but there’s no need to panic. Just like we showed you the lapses you may have on your end when marketing, we are also jam-packed with a wide range of solutions and brilliant additions for you and your business. 

Time is of the essence; What do I do now? Where do I begin? How do I ensure that my marketing material has a worthy impact on my potential consumers? Where do I seek answers for all my questions?

Don’t worry – Newson Advertising and Publishing, Inc. got you covered! From instilling quality and attractive graphic designing in order to spice up your marketing material, up to monitoring its impact on your desired objectives and goals, we plan to get you through it all!

Let’s turn the tables. Let’s work towards making your marketing material a collection of marvels with our highly customized services. Let us, at Newson Advertising & Publishing Inc, join hands with you and help you with making changes to your collateral marketing material. 

What we desire the most is working towards shining our clients, just as much as you strive to enhance the lives of yours. But often, businesses can have multiple fears when reaching out to potential customers through marketing. Often you may feel like you aren’t doing enough, or you are not quite in the right direction when marketing your key services. 

Our organization targets to help businesses break out of this scarcity mode and develop marketing tools to effectively connect to the communities and businesses they serve, working to build sales, raise interest and meet customer and donor needs. 

You might be busy exploring new opportunities and enhancing your upgrades and your business surely needs you. Therefore, use your amazing creativity to take care of bigger business deals and pave your success path while we do your exemplary marketing for you!

Now, why don’t you prepare yourself a nice cup of tea and sit down on your favorite couch and relax while we take you on a tour of discovering a range of unique marketing possibilities?

Keep reading through all our tabs above, to gather insights into developing your marketing material and useful tips and tricks that will definitely aid you into lifting your marketing perspectives to the very top; We offer:

• Logo design and branding
• Corporate identity and literature systems
• Brochure design
• Catalog design
• Direct mail design
• Website design
• Print advertising
• Annual report design
• Gala materials design
• Door hanger marketing
• Newsletter design
• Poster design
• Presentation material design
• Display design
• Product & On-site 

If you are considering outsourcing design, marketing, and lead generation, Please call; Newson Advertising and Publishing. Inc.

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