Direct mail and telephone follow-up

The Problem with Direct Mail!

Direct mail campaigns need personal telephone follow up calling to get higher ROI results.Direct Mail is a firmly established marketing technique that has been used by businesses for decades.  But with the ever-changing technology landscape and the growing laziness of direct mail marketers, the response rate of B2B Direct Mail has dropped to 1%.
The key to raising this response rate is in understanding why people don’t response to your direct mail.
Studies show that, on average, 36% of mail sent goes unopened, and 22% is quickly skimmed and put into a pile for things they might look at later.  A pile that generally gets forgotten and thrown out.
It is important to keep your direct mail piece out of both of those piles.

B2B Direct Mail PAIRED with Cold Calling and email follow-up is today’s total solution for raising your marketing response rate and growing your client base.
By using in-house reps or outsourcing a follow-up calling service to be paired with a direct mail campaign, you are connecting with the potential client through multiple channels, reminding them of your services, and keeping your information at the forefront of their thoughts.
Personal telephone calls and emails are a great way to stand out from the crowd and begin building a relationship with the client, which could lead to a significant amount of revenue or alliance opportunity.
Leveraging the power of your Direct Mail with follow-up calling with a real human voice boosts responses significantly and encourages the opening of the direct-mail that's sitting on their desks.
It's clear that, with direct mail, the power of the human voice is needed!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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