Status-Quo Marketing

Does the marketing in your company lack influence or effectiveness?

Are your efforts seen as disjointed or unfocused?

Are your marketing executives and direct sales force overextended to do cold outreach to cultivate new business relations?

In 2011, the largest status-quo marketing strategies involved Google’s changing search criteria; email marketing and getting your audiences to open and click through on emails; and social networking, a mixture of friendship and business exchanges.

These strategies alone cannot guarantee an increase in your customer base today.  Direct mail and follow-up calling has been proven to have a greater return on convincing potential customers to buy your products/services and will ensure an increase in sales.

If direct mail, cold calling, email marketing, and a follow-up call is not part of your core strategy, it is time to consider outsourcing it to an expert like “Gorilla Marketing Services Inc.”.

With our 40 years of experience in graphic design, direct mail, virtual calling and personal customer follow-up marketing, we can locate your potential customers with social media, direct mails, cold calling and convert them into loyal customers.

Our direct mail process at Gorilla Marketing Services is as follows:
We train our professionals at Gorilla Marketing Services to your product and service advantages and identifying a list of prospects for you. We will identify their social media platforms, company or personal email addresses and after verifying contact information marketing material, snail letters, emails, and conversations on their social media pages, we will steer them to your in-house salespeople. If necessary do a direct call to find out if they received our reach material. 

All of this will ensure the right delivery of your message to the right prospects. The follow-up call will make sure they received the marketing material and ask permission to have you contact them.

This potent combination of direct mail with call center follow-up will certainly triple your response rates.

Our services are all-inclusive: identifying your market, doing your graphic design, printing, managing your mailing list, delivery of direct mail campaign to the post office, follow-up calls, e-brochure blasting, with a daily report on who we call and you can hear their recorded response.

We will also collect email addresses as part of your package; email follow-up is also important, sending the prospect an email with more products/services and information about your organization.  We create a long-lasting customer relationship through our efficient customer follow-up services, and all of your correspondence and emails are archived for future promotional reminders.

Additional communication tools?